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Projects piling up? Tidy up your craft room with closet organizers to eliminate crafty clutter. Crafting can be fun as well as challenging, but while being crafty might be your passion, without proper closet organizers, your craft room may be a disastrous mess. Micromanage your craft room with the help of closet accessories and organizers to categorize and customize your space for the specific craft at hand. Depending on the hobby, you must determine what items need to be stored and which items you will need to immediately access. For most crafts, it is more efficient to have the components visible so you can find them when you need them. Often, projects that never get completed are those that get buried with disorganization. This is why utilizing closet organizers to maintain your craft room is not only important, but a necessity.

The Skinny on Craft Room Storage

The purpose of installing closet organizers in a craft room or hobby closet is to keep your materials stored, organized and ready to go when you need them, but you don't have to be crafty to utilize this concept. Most houses need storage for wires, batteries, tape, scissors, wrapping paper and bows; all these items can be easily managed in closet organizers or similar storage units. We all know there's never enough room in the "junk" drawer for every little fix-it item and digging out craft room supplies from old shoe boxes in the back of a closet just doesn't cut it when you're working on a project. Many individuals craft in spare bedrooms or home offices which often have smaller closets. Reach-in closets provide a great space for craft room closet organizers, but if no closet space is available wall units can work just as well and still look great! Both custom closet organizers and modular closet organizers can be fitted to either space in order to function perfectly for your hobby of choice.
Acrylic 2 Drawer Organizing Cube
Craft Room Closet Ideas
  • Slide-out drawers, baskets and shelves can help to separate and store materials.
  • Closet rods can often be used to hold spools of ribbon or wrapping paper.
  • Slanted shoe shelves with shoe fences can act as specialty paper storage and displays.
  • Shelving and storage cubbies can give homes to like items such as boxes, tools, photo albums and more.
  • Adjustable shelving can house craft books or baskets than can be used as storage for supplies and fabric.
  • 30" high or more of open leg space can provide a sitting work area if there is ample room for at least a 20" deep countertop.
Maintaining Your Craft Room Closet Organizers

The key to a successful craft project is readiness. Prepare, set goals and be organized in your approach. It is imperative to maintain a current and accurate inventory of your supplies and tools to avoid duplicate purchases. The organization of these supplies is the key element in monitoring an active and professional craft room with closet organizers. It is important to evaluate honestly when weeding through your collectibles and toss or donate the items that no longer serve a purpose.

Tips for Craft Room Closet Organizers
  • Utilize components that work for you. Take inventory of what needs to be stored prior to installing craft room closet organizers to ensure everything will fit and be accessible.
  • When working with craft closets, it is helpful to categorize like items together and sort them accordingly.
  • Optimize the space with the appropriate organizing products like bins, baskets or plastic containers.
  • Label everything and use clear containers whenever possible so stored items are visible.
  • Weed consistently and fine tune the organization as your needs change.
  • A place for everything, and everything in its place is the golden rule for quintessential craft room closet organizers.
Thanks to Organized A to partner Cynthia Braun for contributing this article. Cynthia is a CPO and professional organizer for Nassau County & Suffolk County Long Island, NY and a Golden Circle Member of NAPO as well as a member of POLI . You can find Cynthia online at