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Whether itís a desk at work, the kitchen table, or a home office, almost everyone has a place where bills are paid, mail is opened, and papers are filed. Many people feel stressed by the clutter that quickly builds up in those places. While I cannot send the filing fairies in to help with all the paper, there are some basic tools that will assist in getting things done in a timely manner:
  • Shredder. Thereís good, better, and best. For most people, better is fine. Make sure it has the page capacity to suit your needs.
  • Trash can. It needs to be large enough to handle the load; place it where it is most likely to be used.
  • Fire-proof safe. Purchase a small one at a discount store to secure your birth and marriage certificates, passports, credit card information, etc.
  • File drawers that work. Whether you use a desk drawer or file cabinet, broken drawers prevent you from filing.
  • Good lighting. One client hated working in her office because the light was too dim. Have the right amount of light where you need it.
  • Writing instruments you like. Most of us have a few favorites. Toss or donate all the pens and pencils that you neither like nor use.
  • Desk caddy. Keep the supplies you use the most at hand.
  • Supply box with lid. Store extra supplies (staples, pens, notepads, etc.) to keep your desktop and drawers neat.
  • Things that inspire you. Take a careful look at what sits on your desk, book shelves, filing cabinets, and walls. Does each item reflect who you are now and encourage you to reach your goals?
  • Items that celebrate you. Ladies (men, you are already good at this), display your awards and plaques of recognition. Itís healthy (not conceited) to acknowledge your successes.
Once you have what you need, take a look at things that need to be donated, thrown away, or archived in another location:
  • Items that have migrated from other rooms. Return them to their proper places.
  • Anything you simply dislike. You donít need a reason. Itís hard to get work done when surrounded by things you donít like.
  • Financial records more than two years old (one yearís worth is all that is necessary if current on your taxes). Box them up, label the year, and place them in a closet or garage (off the floor if possible). Use the drawer space for current papers and records.
  • Books, supplies, and papers that are never referenced or used. Be honest. If you have forgotten it, it wonít be missed.
Now is a great time to take a fresh look at your office area, to see what is working and what isnít. Youíll be amazed at how much will get done having the right tools where you need them.

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Renee Ursem
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