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Where do I put the clean towels? I've heard it time and time again. Bathrooms are often crowded and storage space is limited. You may be storing toiletries, cleaning products and paper products in your bathroom cabinets, leaving precious little space for those fluffy towels. What's a person to do? Use the walls, of course! Think about the last time you were in a hotel bathroom. There were no storage cabinets in the room and they used a towel rack to hang the towels on the wall- making GREAT use of vertical space. If you haven't looked lately, there are lots of styles available to match the decor in any home. Buy some new fluffy towels that match your bathroom and store them on the wall! Here are some links to a couple different options.

Bamboo Towel Rack Bamboo Towel Rack by Organize It All

Over the Door Towel Rack Over the Door Towel Rack (3 bars)

Bamboo Tiered Tower Bamboo Tiered Tower by Organize It All

Thanks to Organized A to partner Susan Stewart for contributing this article. Susan is a professional organizer and owner of Perfectly Placed. She has been organizing in the Phoenix, AZ area for 5 years. With a BS in Human Development & The Family and a background in coaching and teaching, Susan is equipped in simplifying the organization process and teaching it to others. Visit her Web site at