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Does your child have allergies? Are they easily distracted? Do you notice their concentration level slipping when they are given an assignment? You may want to consider the products they are using. Adults spend the majority of their time at work and our children spend their time at school/daycare or with friends. Using eco-friendly products are essential for your health as well as your child’s. Here is a list of suggested products:

   1. Use binders made with 100% recycled corrugated material.
   2. Children put everything in their mouths, so consider biodegradable or non-toxic writing utensils.
   3. Use post consumer products for paper products.
   4. Scissors should have a 70% recycled plastic handle.
   5. Use desks that are100% formaldehyde free.

A number of companies (traditional brick and mortar and online) sell environmentally-friendly products that a parent can use to set up an in-home study area for their child.

    * 100 percent recycled file folders from Staples are perfect for a study area.
    * sells an eco-friendly wastebasket made from 99 percent reclaimable automobile tires and recycled plastic trim.
    * IKEA sells a number of storage products that can be placed in the study area as a drop point to recycle school papers and junk mail.
    * When purchasing recycled or reclaimed products be sure to look for the recycle symbol on the item’s exterior packaging.

If you’re not fully convinced, compare a recycled folder to a regular product by taking the ‘sniff’ test. You can smell the toxics in non post consumer products and the texture is different as well.

Online sources for eco-friendly organizing products


Thanks to Organized A to partner Paris Love for contributing this article. Paris is a Professional Organizer serving Metro Atlanta and the Gulf Coast. Paris has written monthly articles for Ezine, BrownSkin Magazine, OnlineOrganizing, Home Base Quarterly and the Covington News. Currently, Paris is passing on her passion for organizing by helping others live an organized and clutter-free life™. For additional tips or information visit or call 251.223.7174 Gulf Coast 770.722.2748 Metro Atlanta.