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More and more parents are homeschooling their children. Successful students, even those who go to school at home, are organized and prepared for school. When you home school, treat this as if your child is going to a traditional brick and mortar building. Here are seven tips for your homeschooler.

1) Start early, make sure your child has breakfast and is dress appropriately for school. After all, your child wouldn’t show up for school in their pj’s and uncombed hair…would they?

2) Establish a study and work area. You can convert a spare bedroom or an area in the basement (if you have one). This area should only be used for school.

3) Use eco-friendly products (pens, paper, binders, etc) so your child isn’t breathing in harmful fuses. Non-eco friendly products are harmful and can cause your child to lose concentration or become ill. I recommend using a Desktop Stationary Organizer for small spaces.

4) Eliminate distractions such as television, radio, Ipods, games, and friends.

5) Invest in a binder with color tabs. Use the tabs for each subject, for example, blue = Math, red = English, green = Social Studies and so on.

6) Make sure you take breaks during the school day. Have lunch prepared and don’t forget to take study breaks, fifteen minutes is essential.

7) At the end of the school day, be sure to review the day’s material, assign homework and don’t forget to clear away any material that you have worked on. An organized work area is essential for the successful student.

Follow the steps above and watch the progress your child makes. Remember getting organized will not happen overnight, remain consistent and focused.

Thanks for Organized A to partner Paris Love for contributing this article. Paris is a Professional Organizer serving Metro Atlanta and the Gulf Coast. Paris has written monthly articles for Ezine, BrownSkin Magazine, OnlineOrganizing, Home Base Quarterly and the Covington News. Currently, Paris is passing on her passion for organizing by helping others live an organized and clutter-free life™. For additional tips or information visit or call 251.223.7174 Gulf Coast 770.722.2748 Metro Atlanta.