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Well – it’s August and it's time to think about school! Get a head start and start making your lists now.

Clothes – what do the kids need? Start with the basics. Go through their drawers and check their supply of  socks (have fun finding the matching pairs) and underwear. Are they in good shape and do they fit?  Do they have enough and the right kind? For everyday and for sports.

Make a list of what they have, how many they have and sizes.

Shoes – school shoes, tennis shoes, boots (you don’t think you are going to find boots in the winter do you?). Take into consideration that they might grow before winter when buying boots and they will also have on thick socks.

Winter coats, scarves, gloves/mittens, hats. You should always keep a supply of extra gloves on hand for when they get wet (since they take forever to dry). And gloves are like socks. They disappear.

If your kids are in a growth spurt be sure to buy the coat with extra room so that by winter time it’s not too small. Also, be sure to remember that in the winter they will be wearing sweaters under their coats. Leave enough room if you are buying the coat when it’s still warm out and they aren’t wearing a sweater when they try it on.

Check the newspapers for sales, then immediately go to get the best selection and avoid the crowds of parents that waited until the last minute.

School supplies. Most schools have lists. Get them as soon as they come out. Check them against the list of supplies that you have on hand (from “Schools Out” article). Go to the stores and get all of the supplies.

You can break it down and buy school supplies one day and clothes on another day. Or if you have more than one child you can break it down by child and make a “one-on-one bonding moment” complete with lunch or dessert.

Yes, it can be a “fun” bonding moment…. IF you plan ahead instead of waiting until the last minute.

That’s the beauty of organizing….it reduces / eliminates the stress and allows you to enjoy even the most mundane task.

Kids grow up fast. Make these “stressful” times more enjoyable by being organized.

Thanks to Organized A to partner Karin E. Fried, CPC, for contributing this article. Karen operates Organizational Consulting Services. You can visit her Web site at