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A Holiday Poem

Kathy Morgan, Professional Organizer/Storage Designer, Space Transitions, LLC

‘Twas the holiday season and people were busy
Shopping and planning until they were dizzy.
There were trees to be trimmed and cookies to bake
It all seemed to be just too much to take…..

Late in the day in the quiet of the night
Thoughts begin to creep in that just feel right
“I drive myself crazy with all this fuss!
Look at this house – there is way too much stuff!!

The kids have toys that don’t get a look…..and I can’t remember the last time I scrapbooked.
Maybe there is a way to give, a way to clear clutter and help someone else live!
This year our giving will start here at home….
We’ll clean up and clear out down to the bone!

Most of these things haven’t been used in years
We’ve saved the “what if’s” to allay our fears….
Fear of running out, fear of waste,
but the worst fear is giving things away in haste.

What if I need it, what if I do… gosh - I guess I’d better buy two!”
This kind of thinking results in our clutter
It fills up our homes to overflow the gutter!

Physical and mental clutter are two of a kind -
so cleaning up is critical to Peace of Mind.
Take the first step – if you need help, just call.
Spend your days cleaning out, not going to the mall.
Happy Holidays to ALL!!

Copyright © 2009
Kathy Morgan is a Professional Organizer/Storage Designer and President of Space Transitions, LLC. She offers a holistic approach to home organizing. Visit her Web site at

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