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Hi and welcome to!

I'm Becky Esker and I'd like to share a little about A to Z. The company was started in 2005 with the idea of making it an "Organizing Products Party Plan Company." While this did not officially materialize it did provide a solid foundation for growing and developing the business. The company was then bought by a new owner in 2007 with the intent to make it an e-commerce business. During this time the product line increased ten-fold and sales increased significantly. In 2010 it was bought by Patty Kreamer with Kreamer Connect, Inc who did a fabulous job continuing to grow and build the company. Fast forward to now - as the owner of a 13 year old organizing, coaching, and speaking services firm, I knew that now was the time to add the ever-necessary Products Division to Get Organized! LLC.

This is an exciting business venture and I am so glad to have you on the journey with me! Due to its already proven success, little will change for now but as your needs change, so will those of A to Z. With over 650 Partners, 170 Vendors, and 1500 products, A to Z is robust and thriving with a vision of even further growth on the horizon.

As a Certified Professional Organizer, Professional Speaker, and the author of 2 Minute Organizing Miracles, I am thrilled to serve you, my client, on yet another level of delivery - products! We have partners from all over the world who provide input for new products that will benefit your life and make it easier!

Our mission at Organized A to is to provide you with the most useful, practical, and attractive organizational solutions on the market today that will save you time and money. It's a place to shop for organizational products that you know are endorsed and used by the professionals. We are confident that you will share our enthusiasm about just how rewarding being organized can be and we look forward to helping you create easy solutions for a stress-free, organized life.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy looking around and please email your comments and organizing questions directly to me.

I look forward to serving your organizing needs!

Becky Esker, CPO

Certified Professional Organizer

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402