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The Laws of Clothing Shopping:
If you like it,they don't have it in your size.
If you like it and it fits,
you can't afford it.
If you like it, it fits and you can afford it, it falls apart the first time you wear it.
If the shoe fits, its ugly.






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Important skills to teach young people in the home: The material processing skills, such as food handling, clothing, laundry, cleaning, taking care of what you have, throwing away or sharing with others what you don't need....
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Customer Newsletter
March 2008

Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Closet

Kathy Jenkins, Professional Organizer
Come To Order

The third week of March is recognized as “Clean out your closet week”, so in order to inspire and inform you, we offer some tips on how to get your closet organized:

  1. Sort your clothes into piles. Start with broad categories at first so you can see the amount of clothes you have for any one category. Some categories may be: work, casual, dressy, sporty and work around the house.
  2. Identify what to keep: try on everything and keep only the clothes that fit you now and make you feel good! If it doesn’t fit (too big or too small) or you don’t feel excellent in it – get rid of it!
  3. Hang your clothes by type and then by color. For example, hang all of you short sleeve shirts or blouses together starting with white and moving through the colors of the rainbow to black. If the fabric is patterned then choose the dominant color. Do the same for your jackets, pants, skirts and dresses. It makes it so much easier to put an outfit together when you are able to quickly mix and match colors.
  4. Use Clothes Organizer Labels that hang on your clothes rod. Finding your clothes and putting them away will never be simplier!
  5. Use quality hangers such as wood or the slim velvet covered. Nothing will deform nice clothes quicker than an ugly wire hanger.
  6. For your sweaters that sit folded on shelves, make sure you have covered wire shelves with a liner. It can be very frustrating to put on your favorite sweater and then look in the mirror and see wire shelf creases throughout.
  7. Protect your shoes on a shoe rack or in a shoe box. Do not leave them strewn on the floor where they can be easily stepped on.
  8. If you have a small closet, take advantage of the space on the back of the door. There are a lot of “over the door” organizers that can help you to maximize your space.
  9. Hang accessories such as belts, scarves and ties so that you can easily see all that you have available.
  10. Keep a hamper near by for clothes that need laundering or dry cleaning.

Organized A to Z Has A New Warehouse & Showroom

We are very excited to announce our move into a new warehouse! We will now be able to better accommodate our growing inventory and offer a showroom for local customers. Pictures will be coming soon!

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  • Our Chrome Car Hooks are featured in”Neat Things We Like” in Organize Magazine, March/April 2008

  • Look for a money saving coupon from us in “Good Housekeeping’s Quick and Simple Weekly”, February 26, 2008

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New Products

We added a few new products last month, including:

  • Clear Shoe Boxes - If you've ever rummaged through boxes to find a pair of shoes, you'll love these clear boxes. They come in different sizes and are great for boots, purses, and other accessories, too.

  • Guide to a Joyful Move - Here's a book that offers tips for organizing your stuff when preparing to move. Reduce your stress and pack with confidence using this all-in-one resource.

  • Moving Workbook - Another moving guide, this book focuses on helping seniors downsize and organize their belongings before they move.

Look for many more products to come as we grow into our new warehouse!

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