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by K Quinn, Homemaking Organized,

It's particularly nice to see a New Year coming and anticipate the opportunity to begin something new in your life. While the New Year is by no means the only time to for new beginnings, for many, the symbolism of a new year triggers the desire for new beginnings. For many, that new beginning means putting forth the effort to become more organized. Being organized means different things to different people, but there are a few steps that can help you reach your own personal goal of becoming more organized in home and life.

Most people know that being disorganized adds up to wasted time and money. Not to mention the frustrations and disappointments. And that being organized means being more effective at work and at home. Although there are many things, ideas, and tools that can help you to become more organized, there are some basic stapes to start with to make sure your new found organization sticks around.

1. Assess Your Situation - Find out what areas of your life are causing you to be organized and search out ways to remedy the problem. For example too much stuff, or kids not helping out. Too many things to do.

2. Take Care of Yourself - It's very difficult to work on organization when you are feeling poorly. Lack of sleep, inadequate nutrition. Make sure you are taking the steps for a healthy you.

3. List your goals for organization. It's not necessary to overhaul the house and have all of your spices organized by type by February so make your goals small steps and celebrate the achievement of each one.

4. Realize that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit so give yourself that long to acquire each good organizing habit you set out to achieve. If you fall off the bandwagon for a day or two don't become discouraged. Get right back on and keep going.

5. Use lists to help you manage your days and calendars to help you manage your appointments. Start by prioritizing what's important in your day. You have a bit of time before 2009 so use this time to jot a list of what items are important for your to organize. If you have special projects on your list don't work on more than three a day. And make sure you're breaking those projects down. I like 15 minute time slots. You may want to be at the finish line now but it will be more satisfying and rewarding as a work well done.

6. Re-evaluate - As time goes by re-evaluate your new organizing routines and tools. Are they working for you? If not re-do, find new ones that do work.
K. Quinn is a work at home mom in the Pacific Northwest. In her former life she consistently stepped outside of her title role to organize various departments and organizations to help them operate more efficiently. You can read more of her tips on organizing your home life at Homemaking Organized.