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Balance, Order, & Beauty
by Kathryn Bechen,
ďHow we spend our days is how we spend our lives.ĒAnnie Dillard

Itís true. Each and every small choice we make every day about how to live in the world adds up to a lifetime of happiness, misery, or somewhere in between. The good news is that while there are many things we canít control, like terrorism, there are many things we can, including our attitude. By choosing a personal lifestyle that includes balance, order, and beauty, we can better nurture ourselves and our families and in doing so have more positive loving energy to put out into the world.

Balance means first and foremost getting a handle on your personal and family calendar. Carefully evaluate all of your current commitments and obligations to make sure the choices you are making are in line with your values. Like a closet needing weeding of outdated clothes, an ongoing review of your calendar indicates where you can cut back unnecessary obligations and best use your time. God has given us all special talents and abilities and we are called to use them wisely.

Order is necessary for creating a firm foundation in our lives and homes and itís the responsibility of every family member, not just mom! A home that has a flexible routine based on good order and smoothly running systems for household management is a harmonious home. Itís not about perfection, but about NOT living in chaos. Wisely editing possessions frees up space and maintenance time that could be used for more pleasant pursuits.

Beauty is the Ēfrosting on the cakeĒ of balance and order. When we have balance and order in our lives as a foundation, we begin to open our eyes and notice and delight in all the beauty around us such as art, good books, soothing music, good food, the beautiful sea, and wonderful friends to name a few.

We can also create our own beauty at home, whether it be by decorating our home in a comforting manner, or by pursuing that much-enjoyed creative hobby. A welcoming and loving home is not about lots of money--itís about comfort, grace, and ease. So put a lovely flower on your dinner table tonight, light a candle, and enjoy your life of balance, order & beauty!
Kathryn Bechen is a veteran freelance writer, and a former interior decorating consultant and professional organizer who has been interviewed by and featured in San Diego Home & Garden Lifestyles magazine, the Omaha World Herald, and others. Her originally authored articles have been published in newspapers, a national decorating magazine, and across the internet. Kathryn is also author of two e-books: 191 Tips for Indoor & Outdoor Cottage Style at Home and Moving With Ease: The 8 Week Plan for an Organized & Stress-Free Move Whether You Hire a Mover or Do It Yourself! In addition, Kathryn has taught organizing seminars and spoken to groups as large as 400, and has also taught writing.