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Health, Wealth, and Happiness… In All of Life’s Circumstances.

A line from a poem I often read at the end of my speeches says, “Take time to keep your health, it is above all gold and treasure.”  My family and I can attest to this personally.
In 1991 my husband Jim, after 44 years of health, suffered a grand mal seizure which, after being  CAT-scanned, revealed a large mass of malformed veins called an AVM (arteriole venous malformation).  This mass, larger than a man’s fist, was a fetal malformation.  It had been there since developing in his mother’s womb.  Until that fateful day, only the good Lord knew this “bomb” was in his brain.

The year following this finding Jim underwent some non-invasive procedures to try to shut down the mass with hopes this would be the ultimate solution.  At first it appeared to have worked but almost a year later the bomb went off.

The doctors told me to call our children home because he was not going to make it.  We waited the 72 critical hours following brain injury to find that he was holding on.  After a 12 hour surgery with two teams of neurosurgeons, 2 ½ months in the critical care hospital, 7 months in a brain injury unit at a nursing facility, and 2 ½ months in a rehabilitation center Jim returned home one year to the day of the brain hemorrhage.  After many months of in-home therapy, then out-patient therapy he eventually was released to continue healing on his own because no further significant gains could be measured.

After 6 months with no speech, 9 months of being in prone or seated position, and having no ability to read, write, or do any of the things he formerly could do he now lives with a left side deficit and cognitive impairments that prevent him from ever working again or driving a car for independence. However, he enjoys life - especially the nine grandchildren that have come along since the brain injury.

Though it’s now been 15 years and this isn’t at all what we’d expected for this time of our lives we’ve learned that truly your health is “above all gold and treasure.”
Moral to the story – have yearly physical check ups to stay on top of any health issues!

In reference to the above story we’ve found that wealth is a relative term and, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  One incredibly important thing we did to secure and “insure” the wealth we were gaining is what we call “Five Days of Grace.”  For over 20 years my husband had a personal disability insurance policy from his self employment.  When he took a position with a robotics company, just prior to finding the bomb in his brain, we decided to cancel this insurance because he had one in his new line of work.  Suddenly he found himself with no work, no insurance, and a bomb in his brain.

One day, nudged by the Lord I believe, my husband decided to call his former insurance company to find out what could be done.  What he found out was that there were 5 days of grace left on the policy and if we could get $600 to them before that ended it would be reinstated.   This was the best $600 we’ve ever spent!  The two policies that were reinstated have kept us afloat in the life style we’d become accustomed to and will end at age 65.
Moral to the story:  It may be worth every penny you spend (and more!) to have a disability policy.

Again, this is a relative term so I’d prefer to use the word “joy”.  Again, relating to the stories above, our family has found that we may not be happy that something has occurred in our lives but we certainly can find “joy” in whatever comes our way if we keep the proper perspective.  Instead of counting your burdens try counting your blessings!  I believe you will find they far outweigh the burdens that may seem overwhelming at times.
All too often our happiness is dependent on circumstances around us.  In the case of being organized, you may be very unhappy with disorder in your life but you can find much joy if you’ll seek order.  If the mess around you seems overwhelming and you have no idea where to start, whether or not you normally do have a sense of order,  it may be time to hire the services of a Professional Organizer. They love to help people find systems and techniques that will work for their clients.  Though there’s no one-size-fits-all method they will stand beside you and help you figure out what will work just right for your circumstances.  They will help you choose just the right products from great sources like

Moral to the story:  Go to to find an organizer in your area - do it now…you will be so “happy” that you did!

This article was written by Judy Warmington, owner of Woman Time Management/