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Clutter Free Gift Giving is more than a buzz phrase this year ... it's an expectation! With the stress of our economy looming and many worried about the stability of their own future the holidays are a great time to creatively express how much you care. However, for most "creative gift giving" stirs up frightening memories of their mother with a glue gun. So how do you join the movement of this trend?
In the "Clutter Free Gift Giving Resource Guide" there are 10 tips with extensive idea starters. From charitable gifts to offering a service, conscious consuming is at the forefront - regardless of your budget.
My favorite tip? The experience gift...
If you ask my kids what their favorite holiday present has been they would say "when Grandma raced us in Go-Karts". Hmmm, that must sound like an odd response! Let me explain.
While building our house I requested that the family give small gifts to the kids, preferably ones we wouldn't have to find a home for (meaning add to a collection/theme they already own - Lego's, books, art supplies). My mother-in-law took it quite literally! She gave the kids a gift certificate to a go-kart track near her home. This present included a weekend away from Mom & Dad, a road trip & racing! What more could a kid ask for?
How about Grandma requesting a helmet when every one was suiting up? That's right, Grandma raced with them. (and beat Grandpa!) What a great story this has been for our family! And I didn't have to find room for anything but the memories!
Experience gifts are just that - creating an experience the recipient can cherish long after the event is over. So many folks tell me how busy they are, finding time to create an experience is just as much a part of the gift as the memory is! Let's not over look the conscious consuming here too! This gift was purchased, used AND cherished!
No matter what gifts you'll be giving this holiday season I hope you find a way to give clutter free!
"April Welch, CPO© is a Certified Professional Organizer residing in Central WA State with her husband & two young children. She has been a professional organizer for several years and has been instinctively organizing most of her adult life. Her organizing specialties are with children/families and the chronic disorganized communities. April is the Franklin Covey® Family Organizing Guru & the Guest Blogger for She can also be found at where she challenges herself to become more tech savvy with every project!"