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Organized A to is proud to offer the complete line
of Legare Furniture - so simple, so stylish, so organized!

The Legare SelectTM line includes a complete range of home office and media furniture in beautiful ash and rift-sawn-oak wood veneers, and kid's items in multi-color painted finishes.

Legare Sustainable
TM The world's most sustainable furniture. Think green. Think really, really green. Legaré Sustainable is produced from Moso bamboo, the most valuable and sustainable species of bamboo in the world. Amazingly, it regenerates over 100 feet in height in less than 6 months yet it's one of the strongest building materials known, having been used for construction for over 5000 years. New technology has enabled plywood and flooring to be made from bamboo, and Legaré Sustainable plywood utilizes only the finest Moso bamboo harvested from groves in central China. And Legaré Sustainable has an eco-friendly "carbonized" finish produced by a non-toxic kiln process that gives our furniture its rich golden amber color. In fact, the kiln process uses the waste material from the making of the plywood for its heat source.

Legaré's modular, reversible designs make media and office planning simple and infinite. Choose from media centers, corner and straight desks, bookcases and more. Legaré adapts to your space.

In just 3 minutes, you can build an entire system with no tools, no screws or bolts and best of all, no hard labor. Made out of the finest materials and available in a variety of finishes.